Ridykeulous (Nicole Eisenman & A.L. Steiner, with Sam Roeck): Ridykes’ Cavern of Fine Inverted Wines and Deviant Videos Current Exhibition
Sat 23 Sep – Sun 7 Jan
A montage image, with two people sat in wheelchairs in the ocean, one of whom is saying "Je t'aime MEN" and the other is calling out a checklist which repeatedly says: "Ridyeulous commented on her own note CAGED SOLITARY EMOTION.. In the distance there is a handrawn image of the Golden Gate bridge and the imade of an Island with the text "Alcatraz Womans Spa & Resort" below.
Sonic Intimacies and Queer Resonances Event
Sun 24 Sep – Sun 7 Jan
a graphic with an abstract neon background and text reading "sonic intimacies and queer resonances"
12.30 Talks Walkthrough
Tue 3 Oct – Sat 6 Jan, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, 12.30pm
people standing talking in a gallery
1525 DIY: Testing Ground Young People, Workshop
Wed 4 Oct, 5pm–6.30pm
Free Teacher CPD: 'Queer fabulosity' and an LGBTQ+ curriculum Event
Thu 5 Oct, 4.30pm–6.30pm
a figure dancing within a purple circle of light
Candlelight: A Tribute to Queen Music
Fri 6 Oct, 6pm–7pm
a crown with text over it saying "candlelight fever original event"
Candlelight: A Tribute to Taylor Swift Music
Fri 6 Oct, 8.30pm–9.30pm
the words "Candelight fever original event" on an abstract pink and blue background
Sonic Intimacies and Queer Resonances: Beethoven Was a Lesbian (a lecture performance in response to Pauline Oliveros) Event
Tue 10 Oct, 6.30pm–8pm
a blurred image of people playing pianos
Wednesday Walkthrough: Ridykeulous Walkthrough
Wed 11 Oct, 2pm–3.30pm
people standing watching a video on a screen in a gallery
Sonic Intimacies and Queer Resonances: TRANS*PERFORMATIVITY: An Anatomy of Identity Workshop
Sat 14 Oct – Sun 15 Oct, 3-6 pm.
a graphic with an abstract neon background and text reading "sonic intimacies and queer resonances"
Slow Reading Group: Down To Earth: Politics in the New Climatic Regime Workshop
Mon 16 Oct – Mon 18 Dec, 6.30pm-8pm, monthly
a black and white map image
Musings with Ayo Akingbade: Jarman Award Touring Programme 2023 Film
Fri 20 Oct, 6pm–7.30pm
A cropped close up of someone's eyes
Print Fair Contemporary 2023 Event
Fri 27 Oct – Sun 29 Oct, 5pm-8pm Fri, 10am-5pm Sat & 11am-5pm Sun
Wednesday Walkthrough: Curator's Walkthrough Walkthrough
Wed 1 Nov, 2pm–3.30pm
Two people sat in front of a screen
Sonic Intimacies and Queer Resonances: Performance by Mantawoman Music
Wed 8 Nov, 6.30pm–8pm
A person standing with blue and green lights behind them.
Craft Fair Contemporary 2023 Event
Fri 1 Dec – Sun 3 Dec, Fri 5-8pm, Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 11am-5pm
Sonic Intimacies and Queer Resonances: A-pop-calypse now! Gays and millenarianism from 1200 to 2200 Film
Sun 3 Dec, 2pm–5pm
a doctored film poster for apocalypse now showing a sun set. The title has been partially crossed out and re-written so it reads "Apopcalypse now" and the director's name Francis Ford Coppola has been amended to Francis Whorrall-Campbell
Wednesday Walkthrough: 1525 Collective Walkthrough
Wed 13 Dec, 2pm–3.30pm
Three people looking at artwork on a red wall
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