Claudia Martínez Garay: WAKCHAKUNA / We Who Share Everything and Nothing Current Exhibition
Sat 25 May – Sun 8 Sep
illustrated drawings of aloe Vera plants over a photographic image of soil
Hamid Zénati: Two Steps at a Time Current Exhibition
Sat 25 May – Sun 8 Sep
two people holding up a painted fabric artwork in the sea
Julian Abraham 'Togar': REꓘONCILIATION Current Exhibition
Sat 25 May – Sun 8 Sep
a group of musicians on a stage with painted placards behind them
12.30 Talks Walkthrough
Tue 4 Jun – Sat 7 Sep, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, 12.30pm
a gallery assistant greeting a visitor
Summer Solstice Celebrations at Nottingham Contemporary Summer Solstice
Sat 22 Jun, 11.30am–5pm
A young woman taking a selfie on her mobile phone with Hamid Zanéti's colourful patterned paintings on fabric behind her.
Summer Solstice: RHYO Open rehearsal Summer Solstice, Music
Sat 22 Jun, 11.30am–12.30pm
a youth orchestra performing in our space
Summer Solstice: WANAWAL Live Archiving Event Summer Solstice
Sat 22 Jun, 2pm–3.30pm
a grey box with a label on it reading "postcards KCC"
Summer Solstice: What are we fighting for? Performative fashion show by Kazna Asker Summer Solstice
Sat 22 Jun, 2pm–3.30pm
a poster for "What are we fighting for?" showing models posing on rugs
Refugee Week: Dance Around the World in 60 Minutes Refugee Week, Dance, Workshop, Summer Solstice
Sat 22 Jun, 4pm–5pm
a person dancing in front of colourful sculptures
Global Social: Refugee Week Closing Party Refugee Week, Music
Sun 23 Jun, 6pm–9pm
a DJ at DJ decks
Feedback Loop: Vivien Sansour talk in collaboration with Primary & The Field Feedback Loop
Tue 25 Jun, 1pm–2pm
Vivien Sansour standing in an outdoor space with a luscious green wall of plants behind her. She is looking over her shoulder and smiling at the camera
Art of Belonging: Practice sharing and training for artists and creative practitioners Workshop
Wed 26 Jun, 4pm–6.30pm
a group of people drawing on paper on the floor
Candlelight: A Tribute to Adele Music
Sat 29 Jun, 6pm–7pm
a musician playing by candlelight
Candlelight: A Tribute to Queen Music
Sat 29 Jun, 8.30pm–9.30pm
a picture of a crown with text overhead reading "candlelight fever original event"
Early Years Sensory Workshops: We are Wonderlings Family Activities
Mon 1 Jul – Mon 22 Jul, Mondays 1, 8, 15 & 22 July
Feedback Loop: iamlisteningnow with NWAKKE Feedback Loop
Tue 2 Jul, 6.30pm–7.30pm
a distorted close up image of a person's face
Wednesday Walkthrough: Julian Abraham ‘Togar’ with Dr. Lucy Lopez Walkthrough
Wed 3 Jul, 1pm–2pm
people standing in a gallery filled with instruments
1525 presents The Lyceum Young People
Thu 18 Jul – Thu 25 Jul, Thu 18th & 25th July, 5.30pm-7.30pm
a collage of coloured papers
Screening: Ciné-Sahra Film
Thu 18 Jul, 6pm–7.15pm
a person crouched down in an arid landscape
Devotional Vocal Performance by Assia Ghendir Performance
Thu 18 Jul, 7.30pm–8pm
patterns in sand seen from above
Wednesday Walkthrough: Hamid Zénati with Sheyda Aisha Khaymaz Walkthrough
Wed 24 Jul, 1pm–2pm
a visitor looking up at Hamid Zénati's colourful patterned paintings hanging from the ceiling
Feedback Loop: Dead Cat Bounce by Waste Paper Opera Music, Feedback Loop
Thu 25 Jul, 6.30pm–8pm
a cast standing on a stage
Wednesday Walkthrough: Claudia Martínez Garay with Uncomfortable Cambridge Walkthrough
Wed 7 Aug, 1pm–2pm
two visitors standing and smiling together in a gallery with an installation of a mound of soil with buried sculptures behind them
Wednesday Walkthrough: Hamid Zénati with Tom Godfrey Walkthrough
Wed 4 Sep, 1pm–2pm
a visitor looking up at Hamid Zénati's colourful hanging paintings on fabric
Donald Rodney: Visceral Canker Upcoming Exhibition
Sat 28 Sep – Sun 5 Jan
a wheelchair in front of a large painting of a hospital in a gallery
Print Fair Contemporary 2024 Event
Fri 11 Oct – Sun 13 Oct, Deadline to Apply 28th July 2024
a busy craft fair
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