The Screen at Contemporary - SLOW. FAST. STRANGE: Lift to the Scaffold

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The Screen at Contemporary presents SLOW. FAST. STRANGE.  A collection of films where the soundtrack is the main character.

Music and film have long been entwined.  Each affects the other profoundly. They can blend harmoniously; they can contort each other., In symbiosis, they leave us seeing music and hearing image. Curated in collaboration with our friends at Running Circle Records, we have selected films with some of the best scores, and paired them with further listening recommendations. 



During one long night in Paris, a man plots the murder of his employer and his lover’s husband—but all goes awry when someone gets stuck in a lift. Malle’s punchy, tense crime drama pays homage to classic American Film Noir whilst giving it a fervent, contemporary edge. Consistent with French New Wave’s love affair with jazz, Miles Davis famously improvised the groundbreaking expressive score which enhances the film’s kinetic, frantic energy. 

French with English subtitles.

Running Circle is a Sneinton Market based record shop, originally founded in 2017 as an independent record label by musicians & DJs Guohan Zeng and Tom Towle. The duo have been curating ambitious music releases and supporting artists in the early stages of their career, from Nottingham and further afield including Kinkajous, Pete Beardsworth & Yazmin Lacey. They’ve also programmed events across the city and regularly broadcast on internet radio stations Balami [Peckham] and Radio Al Hara [Palestine].


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