Discovering Light in the Dark - A Loudspeaker Exhibition, Dec 2022

This exhibition presents the outcomes of creative explorations made by a group of women living in the East Midlands over ten weeks. 

The women explored the exhibition Hollow Earth: Art, Caves & the Subterranean Imaginary at Nottingham Contemporary. They experimented with a range of materials and methods to make their own interpretations of how artists have used caves as subject for their work.

The group also visited City of Caves beneath Nottingham Contemporary to have a real-life experience of caves.

Together they discussed ideas about art, collaboration, the dark, feeling safe, relationships with the city and the natural world and cultural heritage.

Loudspeaker sessions are an opportunity to take a break, develop routines, build confidence, become inspired and meet new people.

Women are offered a supportive, caring environment to help see things differently, feel positive about the future and move away from challenging circumstances.

‘It made me see things in a different way, learning new techniques and seeing a story unfolding in the artworks. Seeing struggles, ancient history and different aspects of life’.

‘Opened my mind to different ways of expression. And the most important thing is that I’ve been able to feel comfortable in the darkness of some of the exhibitions, and in some magical way I’ve been able to start to feel comfortable in my own inner darkness to explore and begin to search for the light within me’.

The Loudspeaker programme was delivered from Sep 2016 to Dec 2022 by Nottingham Contemporary as part of the national Building Better Opportunities programme through the Opportunity and Change project, which was funded by the National Lottery Community Fund and the European Social Fund.

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