Loudspeaker Peer Mentors

a yellow banner with blue images of four women on it. Next to each woman are quotes which read "If you've been downtrodden you need, at some point to say - THIS IS ME. It made me feel free because you could express yourself. It makes me a part of something. - Mags" "You have to LOOK & LISTEN. You have to get to know each individual and see them as an individual. When you're in a position of having to accept lots of help, which is absolutely what you need to do sometimes, it was that feeling of getting a little bit of self respect back. -Stephanie" "I developed such a love for Loudspeaker, being able to HELP OTHER WOMEN on that journey. I've come out the other side of it feeling very different and very good. -Leah" "It did put me BACK ON TRACK because it made me realise that I wanted more. It just made me feel so much better about myself - that I had something to offer people. - Nikki"

Loudspeaker was a unique programme delivered between 2013 and 2022 that used galleries and creativity to make crucial differences in women’s lives. Our ten-week programmes provided women with new experiences, safe and welcoming spaces, support and social networks.

Through taking part, women developed confidence, resilience, motivation and routines whilst exploring and making contemporary art together.

Being part of the programme helped women see things differently – including their own creativity and potential. It supported positive mental health and reduced isolation and moved women closer towards training, learning, volunteering and work.

15 women became Loudspeaker peer mentors to support other women who were new to Loudspeaker. They were essential in helping women feel at ease, and acted as consultants, advocates, role models and team members. Some went on to become volunteers, regular independent visitors and Nottingham Contemporary staff.

Click here to read a summary of the positive impacts that peer mentors had on the people they worked with, and how taking on this role benefited them too.

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