Light After Dark Film Festival: The Man Who Laughs (1928)

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Light After Dark Film Festival 2024

Immersive encounters in cinema

A film festival dedicated to immersive experiences in cinema. Pairing films with performance, music, technology, and art. Light After Dark will give audiences a deep, intimate, and collective encounter with film.

The Man Who Laughs (1928) Dir. Paul Leni

With an original live score from Benjamin Luhis & Ilke-ta

Disfigured as a child to have an unsettlingly wide, permanent grin, Gwynplaine works in a carnival sideshow in seventeenth century England, alongside his beloved blind companion Dea. When this tragic figure (the visual inspiration for the Joker) discovers he has royal lineage, his life is turned upside down. Mixing elements of German Expressionism with Universal horror, this unique gothic melodrama is a potent cinematic cocktail. Our screening is brought to you with an original score, performed live, by Benjamin Luhis and Ilke-ta, who draw on influences from EDM, classical music, hip-hop, ambient music, minimalism and rock, under a contemporary jazz umbrella.

£10 adults / £7.50 concessions

This event will take place at Broadway Cinema, Broad Street NG1 3AL

Benjamin Luhis is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer from Nottingham, UK. His music is an exploration of alt-r&b, jazz, broken beat and EDM. As an artist Benjamin Luhis is particularly interested in the sonics of sound; how tone, timbre and duration elicit deeper emotional connections to music and the collective experience.
As a member of alternative rock band 8mm Orchestra, Benjamin Luhis has previously composed original commissions for Lang's Metropolis and Parker's Daughter of Horror/Dementia.
Besides his soundtrack work, Benjamin Luhis is also a member of alt-jazz quartet Major Ruse and psych-pop rock band CJ's Mirra Maze.

Ilke-ta (Jamie Sykes) is a composer and musician with a wealth of experience in audio-responsive visual composition, based in Nottingham. Jamie has been performing across the UK for over 15 years, most commonly under a contemporary jazz banner, but with strong influences from EDM, hip-hop and classical music.
Following his orchestral background, Jamie continues to perform and write for multiple instruments, but has now developed his practice to explore multi-sensory music, developing tools to see how composition could be made more accessible for those with profound deafness and physical disabilities. Jamie was recently commissioned by PRS foundation and Lancaster Jazz Festival to create an audio-visual experience in a historic Lancaster space, projection-mapping Lancaster priory and creating a piece that turned the existing structure into a multi-sensory landscape.
Jamie also writes and performs with Nottingham-based quartet 'Major Ruse', whilst simultaneously making cinematic, dynamic music as Ilke-ta.

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