1525 Sound Circles: The Body as a Cave

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… then a sound like the slow sun rising brushed against the lips of the cave, quivering where only stillness reigned, dispelling solid darknesses which gathered within. Somewhere, above ground, on the other side of skin, a stomach rumbled.

We all make sound in our daily lives: when chatting to a friend, when running for the bus, when we cry or laugh. In this workshop we will explore how Collaborative Vocal Improvisation can help harness our innate genius for sound-making to co-create vocal music in the moment.

When we sing our bodies become instruments, revealing subcutaneous cave networks which carry resonance through our pelvis, jaw, the curved dome of our skull, the bend of our spine… Using our voice as a tool, we will excavate these obscure passageways down through the strata of our inner soil to uncover our own unique sound.

When we sing together we tap into deep reservoirs of collective imagery, memory and emotion we all carry inside ourselves, revealing our deep interconnectedness.

Join us for a day of vocal games, creative play, circle singing and meditation. Open to all who want to explore their voice in a fun and safe environment, this workshop will explore how we can embody sound to encourage our own unique vocal expression, unlock power in our voice and make music spontaneously together.

Bring yourself in comfy clothing that’s easy to move about in, an exercise mat if you have one, a bottle of water, and a bit of lunch.

Chloë Cacau weaves vocal improvisation, storytelling, poetry and dance into circular gatherings (rodas) in which there is no exterior. Fusing elements of jazz, Afro-Brazilian folksong and meditation she calls on the collective to join voices, not as the aesthetic practice of ‘singing well’, but as an activation of ancient, embodied memories; the traces of human and non-human intelligences we hold within us. Sound simultaneously reveals new intimacies within our own bodies and how we are bound collectively, asking us to reassess the limitations of ‘individuality’.


Free for all. This event is aimed at 15-25 year olds. Booking is required.

Spaces are limited, so if you find you can no longer make it, please let us know as someone else might find the event valuable.

The duration of this event is 5 hours. There will be a 1 hour rest break in the middle and you are welcome to step away and have a breather as and when you need.

Seating and hot drinks will be available.

1525 Sound Circles: The Body as a Cave Glossary

Collaborative Vocal Improvisation: the art of vocal music together in the moment.

Subcutaneous: beneath the skin.

Resonance: a vibration.

Excavate: to uncover or reveal.

Strata: layers of rock and/or soil.

Reservoirs: a large lake used as a supply of water.

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