1525 TTRPG: Defenders of the Great Oak

A dragon and scattered dice
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Imagine a Nottingham but not as we know it...

Combining popular fantasy tabletop game ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ with world-building and cartography game ‘The Quiet Year’, you are invited to join an epic quest! Join us over the course of a weekend for a table top role-playing game, where we will design the future of Nottingham and live amongst this imagined world as defenders of the Great Oak.

This activity will focus on gameplay, collaborative storytelling, world building, and adventure. Themes include conflict, community/chosen family, and collaboration. Prior to any gameplay, Prue (our facilitator) will run introductions to ensure you feel safe and comfortable – no experience is necessary!

Prudence (she/they) is a community leader, writer, and avid player of table top role playing games (TTRPGs). With 10 years of experience under their belt, they have launched various digital and community projects focused on the power of table top storytelling – anything from folklore storytelling to audience driven collaborative gaming. They founded and coordinated Roll For Good, a charity initiative highlighting and playing games within the European TTRPG community and raising over £6000 for charity to date. They have released two of their own games – ranging from fun uses of physical space to emotional lyric games with a focus on self-identity. When she is not gaming, Prudence is an environmental scientist, enjoys fantasy worldbuilding, and exploring our place in the natural world as part of her gaming.


Sat 22nd Oct 2pm – 5pm

Sun 23rd Oct 2pm- 5.45pm

Online. Free. Open to all 15-25 year olds.

You will need to able to access this 2-day virtual TTRPG event via Zoom using a laptop with a stable internet connection and a pair of headphones; a link will be shared by email once a booking is made.

Live Captions will be on screen using Zoom.

Rest breaks will be included on both days.

This is an interactive, collaborative space and participants are encouraged to turn on their cameras to create the best experience for each other.

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