Activity: Stylish Silhouettes (Free materials)

Both Grace Jones and Jimmy Robert use their bodies in their art and sometimes their bodies as the actual artwork.

Grace has adorned so many stylish costumes and posed in many designer outfits to change the way she looks, or how we look at fashion and this activity is about a different way of looking.

Using the templates, you can either copy them onto recycled card, or print them out onto thin card. Cut out the area that is shaded, you might need a bit of help with this.

The area removed is of an item of clothing. This should leave a hole in the image. Take a peek through!

Now, here's where its gets exciting, you are now going to create the clothing for Jimmy or Grace. Take a look around your home, and place the sheet of card over interesting colours, patterns, textures to fill in the gap.

‘Dress’ both artists in a selection of interesting, original and outrageous outfits!

Take a photo each time to create a photo fashion album of images.

Download the Grace Jones template

Download the Jimmy Robert template

If you aren't able to print the templates, try and copy them onto thin card, you could use an old cereal box. If you have any old magazines maybe try and cut out their silhouettes in the same way. Or you can email your address to and we can post the cut out templates to you!

If you have a go at the activity, we'd love to see your creations on social media #NCmaking

Get inspired with some of our examples below (you might need to click the image to see it properly) ...... Can you guess whats behind them?

This activity was created by Play and Learn Facilitator, Susannah Lambert