Play and Learn Team: Ursula Rae

Ursula Rae wearing sunglasses on the top of her head and looking towards the camera in front of a leafy, green background.

Hello! I’m Ursula and I thought I’d share some things I enjoy so you can find out a little bit more about me. I’ve been working at Nottingham Contemporary for nearly 3 years, creating, making and playing alongside you. I’m an artist and mostly work with textiles, but I love combining different materials and making my work big!

I live close to the Embankment and it’s one of the things I love most about living here, being so close to the river! It’s perfect to go for a quick walk and to be right by the water, or explore the parks and gardens. Over the last year I’ve really enjoyed gardening and my collection of pots in my little yard is growing bigger. I’m trying to grow some things to eat and lots of things for wildlife to enjoy too; plants for bees, butterflies and all kinds of insects!

I also love spotting the cats that prowl the walls by my home (there are lots here!), sometimes I come up with my own names for them and imagine what they’ve been up to that day.

I also really enjoy a good dance, with my friends, in a dance class or just in my kitchen in my slippers - if I am having a bad day turning on some music and dancing instantly makes me feel that little bit better, you should give it a go!

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