Play and Learn Team: Ursula Rae

Ursula Rae wearing sunglasses on the top of her head and looking towards the camera in front of a leafy, green background.

Hello! I’m Ursula, you might have seen my face at Nottingham Contemporary over the last 5 years, creating, making, and playing alongside you. I can’t believe that it’s been that long, time flies by! My favourite thing about working at Nottingham Contemporary is getting to share the space with families – I love it when you share your thoughts, ideas, and creations with me. The creativity and playfulness you bring to the sessions always brings the space to life!

I am also an artist, and mostly I work with textiles, combining different materials together. I really enjoy making my work big, it can be slow and take a long time, but I enjoy that about it. Recently I’ve been exploring growing things in my yard-en to use in my artworks. I’m exploring making coloured dyes out of plants – so far, I’ve achieved lots of yellows, oranges, and greens, but blue is proving to be more difficult...I think I’ll just have to try again next year!

I work at other galleries and museums too – some of you might have seen me there. I also enjoy gardening in my tiny yard, spending time outside on long walks and curling up on the sofa for cosy films.

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