Play and Learn Team: Milee Lee

An image of Milee Lee looking at the camera.

Hi, I’m Milee, and I’ve been designing and delivering workshops for more than 10 years. There are often days I wake up excited to experiment with something new and explore how it can be involved in a creative activity. Both in my own practice as an artist and my workshop activities I engage with many different methods and media. My curiosity and natural ability to connect with people has made me a traveller, an artist, a tree lover, an animal fascinator, an educator and a vegetable grower amongst many others!

Watching children learning through creative play whilst discovering more about themselves and their environment is an incredibly rewarding experience. It is a privilege to support well-being and help guide children and young people’s creative paths, future generations to interact with the world around them with curiosity and imagination.

At this point in time, we face many diverse challenges across cultures throughout the world, children’s voices must be heard, and their creative thinking and skills nurtured, after all, the future is theirs!

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