Play and Learn Team: Milee Lee

An image of Milee Lee looking at the camera.

I am Milee, I have been designing and delivering workshops to support families exploring and learning about Contemporary Art for many years. I have always enjoyed continuously learning new things myself, and I found it is super rewarding seeing young people’s individual strengths and confidence grow and shine through the lens of their creative work.

Working with children keeps me down to earth and helps me see things from a much simpler, more practical view, an aspect which is sometimes overlooked. I take starting points of inspiration from the artworks in the exhibitions and think of many ways to engage with our young audiences. I really appreciate the opportunity to support the next generation understanding and approach to the diverse challenges present in the world

Recently I have discovered; my cooking is a kind of a universal fusion style, my garden always has a spot for weeds to grow and, I can run faster than an angry chicken (but only just!). Outside of Nottingham Contemporary, I am an artist, a teacher and a busy mum who likes to take my curiosity to the next level.

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