Play and Learn Team: Andrew Martyn Sugars

why do i do what i do? because i enjoy the process of welcoming you, unpacking the invitation and seeing where you all go with it, what you do and how you all surprise us with your curiosity and play. i hope through the process, you take an idea or thought away with you to try at home, with friends, at school or work.

i’m neurodivergent, my condition is around the use of language, you might find me becoming confused or lost within the sentence when i talk with you. after a moment to collect my thoughts, i’ll pick up where i was and continue. i ritually use lowercase as a nod to my condition and how it affects me.

i joined nottingham contemporary while the ridykeulouse: ridykes’ cavern of fine inverted wines and deviant videos exhibition was across the galleries. i am passionate about contemporary art both as a viewer and a creator and the defining of space for play, both for children and adults alike. i bring with me a range of experiences from various other settings and age groups; i am so thrilled to be a part of this amazing place and team.

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