Emergency & Emergence

Via questions of repair, remediation and mutation, Emergency & Emergence investigates sensorial and speculative practices of radical sensemaking and wayfinding amid the devastation of the planet and the colossal failure of liberal politics. How do we move from emergency to emergence, from crisis to renewal?

Reverberating with ideas and knowledges opposing racial and colonial capitalism, conceived through visual and aural culture as well as radical politics, Emergency & Emergence assembles diverse cultural practitioners to generate new emancipatory possibilities and forms of life, founded upon social justice and environmental wellbeing.

To draw out the textures and tensions of political and social unrest, this research strand continually entangles and disentangles varying narratives, tempos and hues to invent and reinvent knowledges. Whilst using sonic as a methodology, a relation, and a sensitivity to build and tie together social and historical, it renders porosities of vibration and brings together multiple platforms to think and learn across many sites, thus coming to know generously varying and shifting worlds, ideas and practices and possibilities of those to create new solidarities.

This long-term research strand will unfold over the course of 2022-23, manifesting by way of sensorial exchanges in the format of symposiums and gatherings, listening sessions, newly commissioned performances, and a series of workshops, as well as a writer-in-residence and a new issue of The Contemporary Journal.

Emergency & Emergence is curated by Canan Batur.


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