1525 Voguing

Voguing is an underground dance-based art form that comes from the Ballroom scene, created by the Black and Latinx LGBT communities in prisons and the Harlem drag balls.

It came into recognisable form by the 60s, and promotes liberation and community building through performance, self-determination, and House culture. Houses are alternate kinship systems formed as support networks, with parents of each House mentoring and guiding their children.

We invite you to give it a try with the Omar Jordan Phillips. Voguing is about embracing yourself and being proud to express yourself for who you are. Class is for all young people between the ages of 15-25, regardless of previous experience - don't be scared, don't be shy - give your runway walk a try...

Open to all 15-25 year olds.

Omar Jordan Phillips is an aspiring community-based producer interested in driving artistic work for social change. Centring their studies on Ballroom and vogue culture. Omar quickly became a corner stone of the London Ballroom Scene and recently became Prince of the UK Chapter of the Kiki House of Mulan. Known for his smile and playful performance Omar goes by Bam Bam within the ballroom community, performing locally and internationally, facilitating workshops and producing events. Bam Bam believes in the power of Vogue as a form of social activism, notably demonstrating this in 2016 during a vigil in tribute to the victims of the Orlando shooting on Old Compton Street. Bam Bam continues to create work that explores identity and the deconstruction of learned ideas of gender, sexuality and race through interdisciplinary arts.

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