Laura Eldret, Reach, 2022

children reaching up a wall
Pupils from The Milford Academy activating Reach in their school. Photo: Sam Kirby

Reach is a living installation of gold leaf pasted directly on the gallery wall. The work is enacted by young people, where they use thin sheets of gold to create an index of their furthest reach. The installation, like children themselves, is always growing, as more and more imprints are added. Gold becomes a symbol of the everyday magic of the imagination and the alchemy of creativity. As an abstract, decorative form, the work is open to many interpretations.

Visitors are invited to leave their own fingerprints in gold as part of the installation.

Leaving your own individual mark on the gallery walls, creating a moment of togetherness where you share the invitation with others.

Children reaching up a wall
2 children reaching up a gallery wall at Nottingham Contemporary
Children and adults reaching up a gallery wall at Nottingham Contemporary
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