Outsider Collective present: 'Greet the Moon'

Image courtesy Jane Wheat
Image courtesy Jane Wheat
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This event is part of Outsider Artist Collective residency in Gallery Zero at Nottingham Contemporary.

November is an important month in Cambodia, not only does it mark the end of the monsoon season, but it also celebrates a major natural occurrence; the reversing flow of the Tonle Sap River. The full moon is believed to deliver a bountiful rice crop and is at the heart of the annual ‘Bon Om Touk’ or Water and Moon Festival taking place on the 10-12 November 2019, this is the time for Cambodians to give thanks to the river and the moon.

Join us for a talk with Jane Wheat on her personal connection with Cambodia, followed by a screening of her short film Greet the Moon inspired by this auspicious festival.

Jane Wheat has a deep interest in the profound nature of ritual and the characteristics of cultural events in Cambodia. She has produced several short films and artworks influenced by Khmer ceremonies and celebrations.

Outsider Artist Collective are a group of artists who collaborate with different communities to explore ideas about living together ‘under one sky’. During their residency, they will explore ideas using the moon as a platform to hold group gatherings prior to equinox/solstice dates. What is the moon's significance in our daily life as an embodiment of the things we’ve lost sight of? How can we reconnect? What does a 21st century myth/ritual/connection/story look like? Find out while sitting around a fire listening to cultural rhythms, stories, myths and exploring the relationships and the effects of the moon on nature and our lives.