Melbury Primary School: Greenwood Zak, film screening

a black and white film still of a woods with bird in the air and text which reads "the space and the bird looked like a sword"

A drop in event, to watch this wonderful short film with sound and subtitles, by Melbury Primary School pupils.

This film was created by children responding to a narrative by the writer Peter Rumney. The children filmed locations in the woods and open spaces around their school, developing their own versions of the story.

After watching the first version of the film, they developed a script and recorded their own voice-overs. This work was the culmination of playful explorations of emptiness, landscape and objects, designed to discover stories through drawing and movement, talking and writing.

Peter Rumney, in collaboration with the children of Melbury Primary School, Class 2
Greenwood Zak, 2021
Video, 9 min 52 sec

The film and script is featured in the exhibition Assemble + Schools of Tomorrow: The Place We Imagine, but without sound. The script from the film is featured in vinyl quotes dotted around the galleries.