Self Love Creative Wellbeing Project

Eight scenarios of multiple women in different roles.
For The Women’s House. By Faith Ringgold

Self-Love project is devised and facilitated by artist Meera Osborne as an extension of their Making History project following the COVID-19 outbreak. The project seeks to develop a virtual platform for and with women within the community to remain connected. The activities seek to alleviate isolation, build trust and self-esteem and share skills; this has been uniquely delivered via WhatsApp using audio, video, and images.

Creative activities:

During the pandemic I have been running all my workshops online. When I started facilitating PAMOJA women's group using WhatsApp, we had initially planned to run 3 sessions however it became clear quickly that trust takes longer than 3 sessions to build. We made the decision to move the sessions into a rolling format on Friday mornings continuing indefinitely.

Whilst running workshops virtually, I realised one of the challenges was finding ways to be generous to my groups. In the past I did this with abundance of materials, tea and biscuits. In the climate of coronavirus these actions were not possible so I started creating self-care packs for participants which they could explore in their own way in the week.

The workshops are focused on wellbeing, creativity and uplifting each other. I am interested in non-directive learning so the outcome to these sessions are open.

Below are links to some of workshop creative activities; please feel free to enjoy these:

Some activities have been collated into a Self-Love pack which you can download here. These short activities are intended to improve wellbeing through creativity.

Here are two other packs for you to download:

Imagining the Furture

The Present is a Portal

About the artist:

Meera Osborne works across multiple communities teaching sewing and printing to older women and facilitates creative workshops with young people.

I mainly work with people on low income/unemployed and people of colour/people with experience of displacement and/or migration. I am the co-founder of Department for International Dance Development (DIDD) a collective of women and non-binary people, who come together to dance and share food. I also paint in oils. I graduated Design for Stage at Central School of Speech and Drama in 2015 and in 2018 graduated in Liberal Arts at CILAS in Cairo, Egypt

This project has been funded by ACE and Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Refugee Forum, with delivery support from Nottingham Contemporary Community Programme during Nottingham Refugee Week.

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