Huntingdon Academy: Challenge Boxes

Made by pupils from Huntingdon Academy, with teacher Hazel Vaughan and artist Sian W Taylor.

Challenge Boxes, Year 4, and Challenge Boards, Year 2, reflecting their experience of the space.

A box with contents and instructions made by a child
3 display tables with boards and boxes on in a gallery

Explore the challenges set by the pupils, admire, and laugh with their beautiful silliness. Enjoy deciphering the tasks and rising to the challenge.

How could you create your own games of play within the galleries?

These Challenge Boxes and Boards are for you to use in the exhibition Assemble + Schools of Tomorrow: The Place We Imagine.

A blue and green box with the tilte Crocodile Crocodile, with hand written instructions on blue and black paper
A board with hand written instructions and a wiggly black line hand drawn
A board with written instructions for a game with hand drawn images of animals
Two drawings on a board by a child of two towers/houses
A box with contents labelled Hide 'n Seek on the Spot. Contents are instructions, coloured dots, a sand timer and a die
A polystyrene ball with typed and hand written instructions on blue, red, black and purple paper
A colour spin wheel with typed and hand written instructions, together with coloured papers with drawings on
A box with written and typed instructions with coloured paper numbered tasks and a die
A boxes titled DARES, with coloured paper dares numberes 1 to 10. Hand written and typed instructions
A box with images drawn over and the word Playemon.  Sheets of images, hand written and typed instructions
A board with hand written instructions for dares, featuring images of animas and towers
A box witht he title Hunt the Sticks. A sand timer, lollipop sticks coloured at the ends, hand written and typed instructions

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