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Response: Issue 7 is a printed and digital book published in Spring 2024. The book is an artistic exploration that has been produced over a 10-week period by Nottingham Trent University Students who have been collaborating with Nottingham Contemporary.

Inspired by two compelling exhibitions: Exposure by Paul Mpagi Sepuya and Again by Dora Budor in our galleries, Response 7 delves into themes of intimacy, exposure, materiality, deconstruction, and space, offering a multi-faceted exploration through a diverse range of artistic mediums.

The launch night was set amidst the inspiring surroundings of Blend at Contemporary where the audience were invited enjoy live poetry readings, engage with an interactive activity with mirrors to take away and meet the creative team.

Response is an annual group placement for students at Nottingham Trent University in the schools of Art and Design, Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities and Confetti.

The 2023-2024 Response 7 editorial team consisted of students from across years, degrees and courses. The team experienced the process of creating a publication, including producing texts, imagery, designs and a launch event.

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a camera reflected in the mirrored front cover of response 7
a mirror propped up in a corner reflecting people in a cafe
people in a cafe
people in a cafe
a person handing out copies of response 7
a person stood at a microphone
a person recording people talking on their phone

The Editorial Team

Yuen Shan Leung (Sesame)
Graphic Design

Sahaanaa Hariharan
Fine Art

Elliot Watorski
Graphic Design

Imarni Boyer-Nugent
Fine Art

Lily Friesen
Fine Art

Iwan Cromack

Ho Yi Lam (Ava)

Annemarie Soloye
Graphic Design

Veronika Russakova
Graphic Design

PuiYee Fong
Fine Art

Hanna Litvinova (Anna Li)
Fine Art

Emma Quinn (Quinn)
Fine Art

Makomborero Moyo (Mak)
English Literature
Film & Television

Tiffany Lau
Graphic Design

Sanna Mager-Brink
Graphic Design

Wiranchana Ratanasirisawad
Graphic Design

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