Response 6

the cover of response 6 - showing text of the title and big graphic 6 figures on a grey background

Response 6 is a printed and digital book published in Spring 2023 exploring the idea of the caves of your mind and body. Be guided on a journey through the labyrinth that lies beneath your feet. Explore the horrors and psyche of our hollow Earth through a collection of images and fictional texts inspired by all that caves are and represent.

Prepare to shine a light into the darkness and uncover the unexpected: caverns and chambers, tunnels and tricks, danger and doom. On this fictional journey, experience being lost in the dark and see the potential of underground worlds.

Response is an annual group placement for students at Nottingham Trent University in the schools of Art and Design, Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities and Confetti.

The 2022-2023 Response 6 editorial team consisted of students from across years, degrees and courses. During winter 2022 they explored our exhibition Hollow Earth: Art, Caves and the Subterranean Imaginary. The team experienced the process of creating a publication, including producing texts, imagery, designs and a launch event.

Click here to download a plain text PDF of the publication.

an intricate black and white drawing of a cross section of earth with caves
a grainy black and white image of a head on it's side with one eye visible and the other hidden by hair
a collage of photos of people and painted hands obscuring parts
an abstract pink and white drawing
an abstract pink and blue print
drawings of hands and leaves in ink on brown paper and newspaper

The Editorial Team

Alex Stowe
Milena Muszynska
Caitlin Zidane
Tsz Yan Ng
Niamh Cutler
Emily Laurence
Megan Sprous
Sam Young
Maria Leonor Banha
Nutan Baraik
Chloe Freeman
Charlotte Ivany
Gabi Zmau
Kitty Bowes
Leah Kirwan
Bolanle Kuku
Harjot Kaur
Diya Khera
Emily Meeson

a window covered in colourful drawings on the glass
a person in front of a crowd reading from a book with a BSL interpreter next to them
a drawing of two people on brown paper with the names Anisah and Lisa underneath
writing on brown paper on a candlelit table. The writing reads "draw something you see like a cave person"
a window covered in colourful drawings on the glass
a projection of drawings of abstract shapes
abstract drawings on brown paper
a crowded room of people
a window covered in colourful drawings on the glass
people drawing on rocks
drawings on crumpled brown paper
a projection of words on a concrete wall reads "tread carefully and be sure to remember the way out"
a crowded room full of people
a person standing at a microphone in front of a crowd. They have a BSL interpreter next to them
protected photos of a gallery
projected photos of a gallery

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