Relativity Suite: A live music event inspired by Moki and Don Cherry

This live music event is inspired by Moki and Don Cherry's organic and collaborative approach to music and its environment. The performance includes Kenichi Iwasa, Naima Karlsson, Maxwell Sterling and special guests. Together Naima Karlsson and Kenichi Iwasa are Exotic Sin, a collaborative duo combining improvisation with composition and repetition. The project began with, and continues to take inspiration from, the music and instruments in the Cherry family household - not to emulate, but to put into practice the teachings and spirit of the art and music as a living thread - in addition to Naima and Kenichi's own musical interests.

About the performers:

Naima Karlsson is an artist and musician from London. Her practice includes photography, drawing, assemblage, text and music composition. She is a granddaughter of Moki and Don Cherry, and an archivist and coordinator for the Estate.

Kenichi Iwasa is an artist and musician from Japan, based in London since 1997. Improvisation and collaboration are paramount in his approach. He conducts musical and visual platforms for international and local artists on a regular basis.

Maxwell Sterling is a composer and musician whose work ranges from film soundtracks to live performance, studio albums to ballet scores. With a background in jazz improvisation and film music, his work is often focused on how music is used as a mode of communication and signifier of emotions. In 2016, he released his debut album, ‘Hollywood Medieval’ which explores the role of synthesis and digital sounds and their effect on us emotionally.