Activity: Feel-Good Party (Free materials)

Let’s make any day a Feel-Good Party day!

Move the sofa, stack the chairs and dance on the table. Grab the kids, get your glad rags on, it’s time to PAR-TAY!

Having a lockdown birthday, a celebration or just want to have a fun time? Then a Feel-Good Party is for you!

On New Year’s Eve our Play & Learn team hosted a live streamed party for all our families. We all had such a good time and it made us feel so happy, we thought why not do this again!

We have FREE party packs crammed with materials for four different activities. There are also balloons, party blowers, and materials to decorate your space so that your party is super colourful and ultra-sparkly!

You might want to open your packs and get familiar with the materials beforehand. Also grab a pair of scissors and some tape to help you make the activities. You can also decorate an area of your room to become the stage or dance floor area, and if you have them, maybe add a few party snacks and drinks.

There is an instruction sheet in the party pack but you can also download here, or just watch our Play and Learn team and do the activities at the same time! Remember it was a NYE party but hey, we can party all year can't we?

Now you are ready to Par-tay! We have updated our playlist so Click here to get the party started. You can do some seat dancing or carpet bottom wriggling or just go for it and dance like no one is looking!

We can pop a party pack in the post for you. To reserve your party pack, email

Get practising your moves and make it the Par-tay of the year!

Don’t’ forget we want to see all those moves! You can share your dancing with us at #NCmaking

Finish up, out you go!
Start making your way out now please
Haven;t you got homes to go to?
Mum, Dad, can you come and pick me up?

Tips at home

  • Make a clear space for making and then for dancing
  • Choose a doorway, a window or a corner of a room to decorate to get the best impact with the decorations
  • Some children might need support or supervision for the activities
  • Some of the materials require adult supervision for children aged under 3

This activity was created by the Play and Learn Team, Milee, Rachel, Susie and Ursula.