Five Bodies 2022

the words "five bodies" in black on a green and yellow gradient background

Join us for a series of free monthly talks and readings exploring creative-critical writing, hybrid methodologies and experimental thinking.

A collaboration between the Critical Poetics Research Group at Nottingham Trent University and Nottingham Contemporary, this series of talks and readings investigates poetic ecologies in the Anthropocene. Exploring ideas from weeds and water to eco-trauma and deep time, and featuring some of the most important international creative-critical voices working today, the talks and readings aim to open up new conversations about entanglement, coexistence, resilience and sustainability.

Programme of live readings:

Thu 10 Feb, 7-8.30pm
Natalie Diaz & Nina Mingya Powles - 'River /Mouth / 河口'

Thurs, 10 Mar, 7-8:30pm
Jason Allen-Paisant & Mina Gorji, ‘Roots and Weeds’

Thurs, 12 May, 7-8:30pm
CAConrad & Will Montgomery, ‘Sounding Ritual: (Soma)tics and Acoustics’

Thurs, 9 June, 7-8:30pm
Sumita Chakraborty & Karen McCarthy Woolf

Elizabeth A. Povinelli & Rindon Johnson

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