Family Explorer Activities: Erika Verzutti, Eye Spy (BSL)

Activities to do in the gallery and at home with Artist Sian, and Little Artist, Aoife.

Erika Verzutti creates sculptures that explore materials in a playful way. She creates her ideas from unexpected objects like vegetables and everyday household items, to make sculptures from bronze, papier mache and concrete. She explores the different materials and how they work, looking closely at their textures, colours and form.

In this activity you explore these ideas through the game of Eye Spy.

Take a look at the film to see what it’s all about.

Here’s a few extra activities you can do at home:

Download the activity sheet Colour & Texture Match here

Download the activity sheet Sculpt Me here

Colour and Texture Match

Think about the sculptures and the work of Erika Verzutti, she breaks down different colours and textures to connect them into groups and patterns. Creating different collections of colours, objects and textures that are connected in different ways.

Using the Verzutti colour and texture chart from the downloadable resource to help you create your own art collections.

See if you can find in your pockets or around your house, different objects that match the colours and textures on your chart.

Place them on the ground to create a collection of what happens when only colours and texture are left behind.

Think about how the objects would be placed together, which colours would sit next to each other? Think about the shades and tones.
Reds, Yellows, Greens, Blues, Pinks, Purples, Browns, Blacks, Whites, Greys

Squishy, Lumpy, Rough, Hairy, Hard, Spikey, Smooth, Curved, Soft

How would the different textures and colours connect together?

Sculpt Me

Erika’s sculptures are inspired and made by things you can see around your home, both inside and outside.

Different objects make connections together and become a sculpture.

Download suggestion cards to help you create your sculpture

Sculpt Me suggestion cards:

Something shiny
Something soft
Something rough
Something gooey
Something that smells
Something that makes a sound

See how many different combinations you can use to create your sculptures.

We would love to see how you got on! Share your visit or creations on our social media #NCmaking

This activity was created by Associate Artist, Sian Watson-Taylor

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