Family Explorer Activities: Allison Katz, Silent Sounds (BSL)

Activities to do in the gallery and at home with Artist Sian, and Little Artist, Aoife, together with a little help from pupils at Huntingdon Academy.

Allison Katz is interested in how we use our bodies and movements to communicate and connect with spaces around us, the spaces you can see and not see. Using frames, such as mouths, nostrils, and peepholes, she lets you peer through and discover new ways to see, to connect and communicate.

In this activity you explore the artwork and ideas words through a guessing game of Silent Sounds.Take a look at the film to see what it’s all about.

Here’s a few extra activities you can do at home:

Download the activity sheet Silent Sounds here

Download the activity Word Association Game sheet here

Silent Sounds

Take a look at the mouth images from the Silent Sound Chart to help you think about how words are broken up into different shapes.

Without making any sound, choose a word from the list of Allison Katz words and see if you can mouth out the phonics of each word. Hold the shape of your mouth into its different sound shapes.

Allison Katz words:

To make it more of a challenge, see if you can mix up the words and add some new ones. Create a whole sentence for you and your partner to guess. They could be:

‘The glass cat is invisible’
‘A bird swam in the canal’

Word Association Game

Face each other and get ready to play the Word Association Game

Remember we are not speaking out loud but using our mouths to form the shapes of the words. Start with one of the Alison Katz words and then get your partner to say the first thing that comes to their mind.
For example, if you say the word “BIRD” and your partner might say the word “EGG”. Then, the next person should say the first word which comes to their mind, for example, “BEANS”, “TOAST”

See how many words you can mouth out before you have no more to say!

To add more of a challenge, create a frame around your mouth with your hands while sounding out different words.

You can also download our illustrated frames, print and cut out and use these to hold around your mouth. Or you can you design your own, or even think about different objects you might use to create a frame?

A rolled-up magazine, a cardboard tube or even a cardboard box! Something that has a hole all the way through.

We would love to see how you got on! Share your visit and game play on our social media #NCmaking

This activity was created by Associate Artist, Sian Watson-Taylor

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