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FRAMES - The 2024 Catalyst exhibition explores the complexities of hierarchy, accessibility, and perception in contemporary art and society.

The exhibition is a collaboration between Nottingham Trent University's MFA and MA Illustration students. With guidance from the Nottingham Contemporary team, the group explored the themes in Paul Mpagi Sepuya: Exposure and Dora Budor: Again.

The student artists aim to confront the barriers that exist between artists, artwork, and audience. FRAMES not only offers captivating artworks on display, but also a unique opportunity for interactive audience participation during the launch night where attendees are invited to experience the art of screen printing and become an integral part of the creative process.

FRAMES invites you to embark on a journey of reflection on the structures that shape our understanding of contemporary art.

Read the Artists' Bios here


Benjamin Oladayo Aina

Joel Ndaceko Alasan

Sam Basham

Xin Chen

Sophie Davies

Eliza Gooden

Vidhi Jangra

Mollie Plummer

Riven Polmar

Katharine Ramshaw

Ella van der Straaten

Blue Swain

Kimberly Walker


Amanda Bywater

Lucy Foster

Zylyka Mae Gendraule

Maithili Milind Patankar

a logo for frames
a logo for frames
a logo for frames
a logo for frames
a blurry photo of 2 people
an abstract black and white image
clay sculptures of body parts
a close up portrait of a person wearing glasses and a hat
a person holding up a piece of lace
a hand painting
cardboard tubes
a person using a photocopier
an artist studio
a person filming another person behind a camera on a tripod
a hand drawing
glass bottles

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