Aftermath 2021

Aftermath is an annual collaborative project between Nottingham Contemporary and Nottingham Trent University. Postgraduate students have worked together to produce, design, create and document a new art exhibition. This project gives students the experience of working within a rich team, sharing ideas, peer-learning and professional experience.

Fine Art students researched the recent exhibitions Grace Before Jones: Camera, Disco, Studio and Jimmy Robert: Akimbo to develop new work, taking inspiration in various ways from themes and media. Interior Architecture students designed the exhibition, a Photography student documented the making of the exhibition and the graphic design was carried out by an International Fashion Management student.

Aftermath 2021 is a group exhibition of seven artist’s works, in a range of media including sculpture, sound, installation and painting. Over recent months, the artists have re-imagined their fine art practices and faced challenges in making new art. Through mostly virtual explorations and discussions, this new material body of artworks represents how individual artists have combined interpretation with developing their practice.

To accompany the show, the students have produced a striking newspaper with features on each student - artists, photographer, exhibition designers and the graphic designer. Behind-the scenes images and texts reveal the processes and inspirations, showing how individual talents and practices merge in both virtual and material ways.

Katy Culbard, Programme Manager at Nottingham Contemporary has guided the students through the project since October 2021. “It’s been brilliant to see this project materialise, and to witness the resilience of the students taking part: what a true test of collaborative working, creative thinking and adapting practice. I’m thrilled that Aftermath 2021 will be part of the long waited re-opening celebrations at Nottingham Contemporary – a perfect way to showcase the longstanding partnership between us a Nottingham Trent University”.


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The Making of Aftermath 2021

Exhibition Installation

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