Activity: The Art of Happiness!

Passers-by-Playground: Let’s create and share activities that bring our communities back together.

Use chalk to create an area to play, for yourself and for others who may be passing by.

You can draw games and trails that people can join in as they walk past. Maybe, hopscotch, wiggly lines to follow, shapes to jump between, words to shout out, or songs to sing!

Draw safely on the pavement outside your home, or in a public space, such as a park or a playground.

Write words of encouragement, happy messages, and fun things to do. Spread happiness and a sense of community and fun, as the weather improves and the lockdown lifts. Keep adding to your game and watch to see how others join in.

We would love to see what you have created in your community, share your images at #NCmaking and you will feature in our slide show of images above!

Top Tips:

• Parental supervision is always recommended for this activity.
• Make sure the outside space you are working in is a safe space.
• Always think of road safety if chalking on the pavements.

This activity was created by Play and learn Facilitator, Susie Lambert