Activity: Style Up

Taking inspiration from our Grace Before Jones exhibition, where Grace presents many images and versions of herself. This activity is about how you can re-create yourself in many ways around the home.

Gather recycled packaging boxes, card or paper, scissors, colour pencils or pens, and adhesive tape.

Take a look at our template, you can either print this or copy onto recycled card (you can download our template here).

Cut out the face and the side strips as one piece. If you need a little help with this ask a grown up.

Draw your face (without your hair) on the template area and colour using pencils and pens.

Once you have finished colouring, grab a little bit of something sticky, like tape or blue tac.

It’s now time to search around the home for objects that you can wrap your face around to re-create yourself and get Styled Up!

Take a look at our pictures to help you.

Try the activity outdoors, maybe when you are on your daily walk or in your local park?

Now take a picture!

Do share on our social media to create a gallery, we’d love to see where your face appears! #NCmaking

Tips at home

- Make a clear space to work

- It might be a good idea to put something like newspaper under your artwork when colouring in so not to damage the surface you are working on.

- If you cut off your strips of card you can always add these after with tape.

- Some children might need support or supervision when cutting and finding things around their house to place their designs on.

This activity was created by Play and Learn Facilitator, Milee Lee