Activity: Paint Play

Allison Katz paints pictures using unusual methods, she likes to mix materials like rice and sand into her paints to give them texture. This activity is all about exploring paint. It could get very messy!

Gather a mix of materials together that you can paint, and materials to paint with.

You may have a collection of unusual things, but take a look in the recycling bin, there’s always good stuff in there.

Look for paper and card that you could paint onto, look for interesting shapes and textures that would be good for printing and mark making.

Look outside for any natural things too, grass, feathers, stones, leaves. Lots of things can be used to make interesting marks.

If you have any clothes pegs, these are good for clipping small things together, such as card, fabric, leaves etc., to turn into paint brushes.

Once you have gathered all your materials it’s time to make some paints. Click here for the paint recipe using everyday ingredients from the kitchen.

Once you have your materials and paints, you are now ready to play!

Find a space where you can make a mess, this could be in the bath or shower, outside on the grass, or any space where it is safe to get messy!

You can make a paint tray like the one in the picture, and if you wanted to get messy a small paddling pool would be big enough to fit a baby in or two!

Play around with your paints, and the different brushes to see what patterns, textures, and colours you can create.

Try using the brushes made from pegs,but also finger painting, hand and foot printing, stamp, roll, drip, splash, spread the paint. Have fun mark-making with the paint.

Try adding other ingredients to the paint to create different textures like Allison Katz, such as rice, sugar or sand.

Have a look at the colours you are using, what happens when they mix together? What colours can you make?

We would love to see how you explored with paint! Please share on our social media #NCmaking

Top Tips at home:

• Gather all the items you need before you start.
• This activity can get messy! You may want to put down some newspaper, or other coverings on the surfaces and the children!
• Care should be taken as food colouring in the paint recipe may stain.

This activity was created by Play and Learn Facilitator, Susie Lambert

Getting to know us: Play and Learn Team

Associate Artist, Sian Watson-Taylor and our Schools of Tomorrow partner school, Nottingham Nursery and Training Centre little friends, had an amazing time with their Paint Play!

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