Activity: Map of Me (Free materials)

Inspired by Allison Katz’s exhibition Artery the way she plays with words and makes connections. This activity explores the regular journeys we might take each day.

We have a FREE materials pack to support this activity that includes; willow sticks, stickers, natural string and a selection of coloured wool.

Use these materials to map a journey you make, maybe to the shops, to a park, or even a bus route you use.

Repeat this a number of times for different journeys, each time using a different colour of wool, letting the paths cross over each other, weaving in and out and making connections.

You might want to take a walk around the area where you live and add a few pieces of nature you find along the way, such as leaves, twigs and feathers. Weave these natural objects into your woven map to capture the memory of your journey.

You can download the instruction sheet here that will take you step by step through the activity.

Download the instructions here

If you would like a free materials pack, reserve and collect from our reception email or we can pop one in the post for you!

Tips at home:

  • Clear a space to get creative.
  • You might need an adult to help with tying the knots.
  • You can leave the coloured threads long or cut them.

Do please share on our social media at #NCmaking, we would absolutely love to see your woven Map of Me!

This activity was created by Play and Learn Facilitator, Rachel Scanlon

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