Activity: Kitchen Karaoke

Both Grace Jones and Jimmy Robert use performance in their work.

It's now your chance to become the performer!

Create a costume, grab your hairbrush microphone and be the star of the show!

To get ready, get that disco ball rolling and let's create a fabulous costume!

Gather items from around your home to use as props and clothing.

Think of unusual items such as kitchen utensils, pans, tin foil, towels etc. How could you use these creatively in your outfit?

Use these items to dress up and be a colourful, exciting, disco style yourself.

Don’t forget to make sure you’ve got a microphone! A hairbrush? A wooden spoon?

Now you are ready to watch the Grace Jones videos and practise for your Kitchen Karaoke performance.

Download the lyrics to Grace Jones – That’s the Trouble – Ano 1977 here and Grace Jones - Love is the Drug - 1980 here

Please note, the video below contains some flashing imagery.

Shimmy, shake and show off those groovy moves.

Belt out the lyrics and let your alter ego take over as you become the star of the show!

Repeat, and each time get more dramatic.

Think about the arms, the pose, that look into the camera!

You could work out a dance routine to go with the song and get other family members to join in, including the grown-ups.

We would love to see your costume creations, performances and alter egos. Take photos or short videos of yourselves performing, and share them with us at #NCmaking

Tips at home:

- Gather what you need for your costume before you start to create.

- Check with an adult before using items.

This activity was created by Play and Learn Facilitator, Susie Lambert