Activity: Hula Hoop Disco (Free materials)

Create your own Hula Hoop Disco at home inspired by the music and performance of Grace Jones.

To create your own disco enviroment at home, let's start by changing the lighting. Try to make the room dark, if you have any lamps you coud place them in different ways around the room.

If you have a torch you could try attaching some sweetie wrappers with some sticky tape to the end, to make a coloured disco light effect. If you have anything sparkly add that to the room too!

You will need to find a nice clear space to practice.

Think of this space as your stage, this could be on a bed, a space on the floor, or maybe even outside. To get inspiration watch Grace Jones

Now lets get some music to get you Hula Hooping!

You can listen to our Grace Jones soundtrack here, we think Do or Die or Love is the Drug might be good to wiggle to! Or you could Hula Hoop along at the same time as Grace to Slave to the Rhythm.

If you haven’t got a Hula Hoop at home, you can collect one from us, for free! Please email to reserve your Hula Hoop.

Could you create your own costumes to add to your performance?

Maybe you could video call some friends and have a Hula Hoop disco party?

We would love to see your Hula Hoop wiggles! Share with us on social media #NCmaking

This activity was created by Play and Learn Facilitator, Ursula Rae.