Activity: Fruit & Veg Chain (Free materials)

This activity is inspired by Erika Verzutti’s playful sculptures. A selection of fruits and vegetables from far away lands are designed as printed sheets ready for you to create our own 3D paper sculptures at home.

We have a FREE materials pack to support this activity that includes, instructions, printed fruit and vegetable images, plain coloured paper, string and a glue stick. All you need to add are scissors and a variety objects that leave marks for texture, such as a sharp pencil, hole puncher, stapler, or paper clips.

You can download the instructions here and the Fruit & Vegetable template print outs here Star fruit & custard apple, Pomegranate and squash and Jackfruit.

If you can print out and have these materials at home, or have received your pack let’s, get started!

- Carefully cut around the printed images but leave them joined together at the sides.

- Fold each fruit image in half and create a continuous zigzag line when you look from the side.

- Glue the inside edges together and start to wrap the image around.

- Put the string in the middle before you seal the last two ends and then join them together.

- Repeat to make more forms to put in your fruit and vegetable chain.

Gather your materials or open the pack to find your printed fruit and vegetable templates, a length of string and your glue stick.

If you need more images, you can simply trace around the template you have cut out (or print some more!). You can also try and add texture to the paper with a sharp pencil, hole puncher, stapler, or paper clips, it will create a different but wonderful result.

If you would like a free materials pack, email to reserve and collect from our reception, or we can pop one in the post for you.

It would be great to see how your fruit and vegetable chain grows!
Please share on our social media; we’re really excited to see what you make! #NCmaking

Top Tips at home:

• Make a clear open space to work on the table or floor.
• Children might need help with cutting and texturing.
• Find the perfect space to hang your creation to admire

This activity was created by Play and Learn Facilitator, Milee Lee

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