Activity: Dress Rehearsal

Take inspiration from artworks in the Grace Before Jones exhibition where fashion garments and everyday objects combine.

Let’s have some fun and try this out with things you can find around your home!

Work together as a family and look around your home.

Choose some everyday objects that could be used as structures. These might be, chairs, small tables, plant stands, drying racks, baskets etc.

Gather some clothes (maybe different sizes), shoes and accessories that you would like to use, but definitely not your best clothes!

How can you style and dress these everyday objects?

Will you hang, stretch, zip, wrap, peg, and turn them upside down or inside out?

Keep dressing and undressing your structures to make lots of different sculptures full of character.

Make sure to take a picture each time.

Maybe you can dress your structures each day and add a little extra each time!

Do share your images on our social media to create a gallery. We are really excited to see what you make! #NCmaking

Tips at home

- Make a clear open space to work.

- Children might need support or supervision when finding objects around their house and taking pictures.

- It might be a good idea not to use your best clothes and accessories! Save these for best.

This activity was created by Play and Learn Facilitator, Milee Lee.