Activity: Creative Walks - Colour Coordination

Have you noticed that art is in the everyday? The unexpected beauty we find in things around us when we are out and about on our daily walks. This activity is about how we can spot these and make this into a fun game.

Before you start your daily walk as a family, decide which colour you want to spot when you are out and about.

Take a look at what clothes and accessories you might have that match this colour and see if you can wear top to toe one colour. Will you all wear the same colour, or a different colour each?

Now you are all dressed up, on your walk spot items both large and small that match your colour scheme (e.g. big bus, tiny ladybird, both red). You could play I spy something the colour ……. to help with looking carefully and encouraging conversations about the world around you.

On another day it could be that each person picks a different colour to dress and spot, you only spot natural items, or only man-made items.

Having a word to say, or a silly gesture to do when you spot something also might add a little more fun to your walk!

Make sure to keep a tally to see which colour is the most common after several walks.

For inspiration you might want to take a look at the Skinner Family to see how they did it with style!

We would love to see what colours you chose, how you looked and what you found on your walks. Share your images at #NCmaking.

Top Tips:

• This is a family led activity and parental supervision is always recommended.
• Always think of road safety when going on your walks.

This activity was created by Play and Learn Facilitator, Susie Lambert