Activity: Creative Walks- Neighbourhood Names

Do you have nicknames for places in your area? A route you always take, a favourite shop, or a door you always look out for? Why not create a personal alternative map of your neighbourhood to give it a personal identity?

Decide as a family a walk you might want to take around your local area. Think of new names for streets, roads and places, share the story why you chose these. These names can be based on how you see your area, what you notice and what you remember.

Could it be Megans’ Hill, the street that leads to Megan’s house, Picnic Park, the park you remember as having a fantastic lunch. Maybe there’s a Windy Road, Short Cut Alley, Daffodil Street, Bill’s Sweet Shop, or an Ice Cream Corner?

Make a map of the area as you see it, with the new place names. It does not have to be accurate but have the key things which are important to you.

You could draw images on your map, add photos and play with scale. This will be your family map of your area, where you live now, and all the important places that have great memories for you.

You could design a Staycation poster! This is a bit like a holiday poster for your area;
Visit Picnic Park! Try the challenge of Megan’s Hill, fight the Windy Road and treat yourself on Ice Cream Corner.

As the weather improves and the lockdown eases, follow your map and keep adding those places that are special to you.

We would love to see what maps you have created of your neighbourhood, who knows you may have the same knicknames as others! Share your images at #NCmaking.

Top Tips:

• This is a family led activity and parental supervision is always recommended.
• Always think of road safety when going on your walks.

This activity was created by Play and Learn Facilitator, Susie Lambert