Activity: Colour of Movement

A line art work of two people using tape on wooden flooring.

Explore Denzil’s paintings (you can do this using VR) and look at the shapes of people’s bodies as they dance. Can you use your body and create these shapes? Can you make your own moves and shapes with your body – feel free to do this to music.

Collect things from around the home – coloured tape, ribbon, tights, scarfs or clothes to trace a line of the movement on the floor – it doesn’t need to be the whole body, maybe a line from waist to the feet, or from one hand to the other that shows the shape (wiggle, bend, twist) of the body.

Add moves and lines of colour – they might overlap to create an artwork of your movements. Which colours worked best for which movements?

If you created an artwork about your favourite music, what movements, lines and colours would you choose?

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