Activity: Body Marks (Free materials)

Artist Erika Verzutti creates sculptures that explore mark making. If you look closely at Erika's work you can see finger marks in the materials, this creates texture to the surfaces.

Sculptures across a white background in a gallery.

We are going to explore how we can make marks using our bodies to create artworks.

You might use your fingertips, elbow, foot, or your knee - it’s completely up to you.

We have a FREE materials pack to support this activity which includes; instructions, white paper, black paper, tracing paper, chalk and small sealable plastic bags. You will also need a small container from home.

If you would like a free materials pack, reserve and collect from our reception email or we can pop one in the post for you!

You can download the instruction sheet that will take you step by step through the activity.

It's time to get your messy clothes on and experiment!

Download the instructions here

Orange, white and black paper with two pieces of chalk, two zip-lock bags and two lids.
A small zip-lock bag and a pair of hands holding a broken chalk stick.
Crushed chalk in a zip-lock bag about to be stood on.
A hand using crushed chalk to make finger prints on a black background.
Chalk fingerprints on a black background.
A hand moving chalk across a pink background.
A pot of chalk and a hand making patterns with chalk on fingertips.
A hand making chalk fingerprints on a pink background next to a pot of chalk.
Patterns made using chalk fingerprints on black and transparent backgrounds.

If you want to keep exploring, try mixing some water into your ground chalk. Or you could try this paint recipe Susie has written to make paint at home.

How are the marks you make with your body different with a new material?

Tips at home:

  • Clear a space to work with a flat hard surface.
  • It could get a little bit messy, so cover the area you’re working, and make sure you are wearing clothes you don’t mind getting dirty.
  • Be careful not to breathe in powdered chalk.
  • Add a small amount of water to the chalk for young children.
  • Children should be supervised by adults during this activity (children should not be left alone with plastic bags)

We would love to see your experiments in body mark making, share your artworks with us at #NCmaking

This activity was created by Play and Learn Facilitator, Ursula Rae

Ursula with sunglasses on her head with trees behind her.

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