Activity: Appliance Appreciation

A purple toaster with a series of comical lyrics placed on the wall behind.

Our exhibiting artist, Allison Katz, has created a lifesize painting of the interior of a lift. The painting is on display right next to the actual lift. What inspired her to paint something so normal? Did she see something special in an everyday object, and by painting it, make it stand out and be appreciated?

Have a look around your home, what items can you see that you use everyday, but don't really pay attention to? Maybe it’s the toaster that always makes your breakfast? Or the hairdryer that helps you to look so stylish? What about the radio that provides the music for a kitchen disco? But, how do you feel about the printer? Does it always work when you need it to? Is there any appreciation for a temperamental appliance?!

An open lift next to an adjacent painting of the inside of a lift.

Choose an ‘everyday appliance’ from around your home. Make an artwork that features the appliance. It can be drawing, painting, collage, or a poem, a song. Anything at all that celebrates the everyday, overlooked electronic objects. If possible, display the artwork close to the actual appliance, just like the lift that Allison Katz has painted.

Choose which appliance you want to make an artwork about.

You don’t need to touch it, to be able to draw, or write about it.

Ask an adult before you start, and for help putting up your artworks near any appliances.

We love to see your artworks, please share with us any photos of your appliances, particularly with the actual appliance!

With thanks to Brez for ‘The Toaster Song’. (1992)

This activity was created by Play and Learn Facilitator, Susie Lambert.

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