1525 X Pending Collective: The Map Zine

The Map Zine is a zine-making project initiated by 1525 Collective – a group of young people who meet weekly at Nottingham Contemporary to work on creative projects together, learn skills and expand their networks. The aims of this project, The Map Zine, are to inspire sentimentality and belonging in Nottingham. 1525 felt that there was a sense of gatekeeping within the local art scene, and that ways into the scene and finding opportunities were esoteric. As such, the collectives compiled a list of resources that they wanted to showcase to newcomers and other students.

As the ideas behind the project developed, we thought this would be a great way to connect with another young art collective in the city. Through this, we created this project in collaboration with Pending Collective – a creative group of emerging artists aged 16-25 who are creating projects and events in Nottingham.

The collectives worked with Charlotte Tupper, who facilitated the creation of the zine which occurred over a day of workshopping. The result was a foldable map highlighting opportunities, resources and creative young talent within the city.

“How lovely and inviting everyone was within the collective, it was lovely being able to meet new people and all share places that we love to visit across Nottingham. I felt that the activity allowed us to express different parts of our personalities and form some new friendships between the collectives, realising that we all share quite similar interests.” - a member of Pending Collective

Some considerations the collective’s members had, were that the zine being something easy to access and that it could be carried in a pocket, therefore one of the members worked on digitising the zine which you can see linked in the webpage below.

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