1525: nellie O... wOah!

A colourful painting of people dancing by nellie O, inspired by Denzil Forrester's 'Itchin n Scratchin'

As always, 1525 Collective are busy making waves at Contemporary - this time, thanks to nellie O's splash. Her art (featured above) is inspired by Ichin and Scratchin, Denzil Forrester's exhibtion, currently featured in Galleries 3 & 4. Here's what nellie O wants you to know...

Nellie O holding up an image whilst talking to others sat around a table

“I’m a first year fine art degree student, currently working on developing my personal style and working mostly in ink and watercolour to articulate relationships that people have with each other and their surroundings.

This work was made because I was inspired by Forrester’s use of colourful light. I knew he did live sketches of party/ club scenes, and I had some sketches I’d made from a gig I went to. I felt that the vibrant strobe lighting needed to be the key feature of the group portrait, and I also wanted the straight lines of light to cross over all my friends and connect them to each other.

I’d forgotten where I’d initially heard Forrester’s name when I started this work, but I’m pretty sure it was from Wingshan Smith during a 1525 artists collective meeting, as when I mentioned that I’d found his work and been inspired they were all very encouraging.

Of course, I then found out from 1525 that the Contemporary were planning the Itchin & Scratchin exhibit, and I was really excited. After seeing that exhibition I’ve been inspired to work much larger, as Forrester’s works are so grand and powerful, so I’ll be doing that next.”

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