1525: Anagenisis by Christos Gkenoudis

Christos Gkenoudis (he/she) is a Greek artist based in Nottingham, working predominantly with the mediums of performance and video. Collaborating with 1525 Collective, the artist uses his multidisciplinary practice to respond to the Grace Jones and Jimmy Robert exhibitions, interrogating the themes of identity, gender, and sexuality.

Accompanied by a pulsating sound, distorted visuals and a reading of Sappho’s “Ode to Aphrodite,” “Anagenisis” is a sensual performance piece which reflects the artist’s own exploration of his Greek heritage and Queer identity.

Inspired by Jones’ dresses included in the exhibition, the white costumes created for this performance piece mirror the art and garments of Ancient Greece, while the expressive poses echo the title of Robert’s exhibition “Akimbo” (with hands on hips). The pinned fabrics and expressive makeup embody the notion of constructing or concealing identity, while touching on the themes of ephemerality and fantastical landscapes which interest the artist. Joined by members of 1525, Christos projects these ideas onto the Queer body, questioning his own identity and prompting the viewer to do the same.

1525: What is Performance Art? with Christos Gkenoudis

Artist Christos Gkenoudis (he/she) speaks to 1525 about his performance art. Originating from Greece and based in Nottingham, Christos is a previous member of “Collabor-8” (now 1525 Collective) and a current gallery assistant at Nottingham Contemporary.

Inspired by "Grace Before Jones" and "Jimmy Robert: Akimbo," Christos’ performance work responds to the themes of queerness, heritage and identity. The artist elaborates on his favourite works and ideas from the current exhibition, while discussing how these translate into his own practice. Through his multidisciplinary practice, Christos wants to engage with his audience by evoking emotional responses and inspiring the viewer to question their own identity.

1525: Expressive Makeup Tutorial with Christos Gkenoudis

Artist Christos Gkenoudis demonstrates his process of creating an expressive makeup look inspired by Grace Jones.

1525: Makeup Montage

1525: Costume-Making Tutorial with Christos Gkenoudis

Performance artist Christos Gkenoudis explains the design and construction of his DIY performance garments, inspired by Ancient Greek culture and modelled by the artist and members of 1525 collective.