Assemble + Schools of Tomorrow

Photo by Sam Kirby

Schools of Tomorrow is a 4-year learning and research programme funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, which places artists in residence at eight local schools. Together, artists and teachers develop approaches to supporting creativity in and beyond the classroom through a process of action-led enquiry.

Artists are resident in schools, working with pupils and teachers developing flexible year-long creative programmes that respond to school priorities, developing creative spaces and supporting pupils as Arts Ambassadors. It also involves pupil residencies, exhibitions and sharing events at the gallery.

Schools of Tomorrow represents a new model of working with schools - with children, teachers, families, and artists as co-learners and creative and reflective partnerships between teachers and artists at the heart of the programme.

It supports core skills for learning, specifically; speaking, collaboration, critical thinking and leadership and use creativity to build joy, confidences and pride in children and their communities. The aim is to shift creativity from the classroom into the whole school and beyond, not only engaging students and teachers, but also school leaders and whole school communities.

Our partners schools are:

Edna G Olds L.E.A.D. Academy and artist Charlotte Tupper

Huntingdon L.E.A.D Academy and artist Sian W Taylor

Jubilee L.E.A.D Academy and artist Gillian Brent

Melbury Primary School and artist Peter Rumney

Nottingham Nursery School and Training Centre and artist Sian W Taylor

Robin Hood Primary School and artist Laura Eldret

Southwold Primary School and artist Charlotte Tupper

The Milford Academy and artist Laura Eldret

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