Free Fun and Food

Over the summer we worked with Nottingham Forest Community Trust, Nottingham Playhouse and a host of local arts and sports providers to put on free activities for young people aged 6- 16 years at schools and venues across the city.

Hundreds of young people took part in art, drama, football, basketball, DJing, dance, boxing – all sorts of things across 13 sites. Altogether there were 10,000 engagements.

Our associate artists, Charlotte Tupper and Chris-Lewis Jones used art making to have conversations with young people and find out about their experience of the programme and their lives. This short film shares and celebrates their words and artworks.

The Free Food and Fun programme provides activities and a meal and focuses attention on families eligible for free school meals. Its aim is to make activity inclusive and accessible and to continue support to families over the school holidays.

Funded by Nottingham City Council through the Government’s HAF programme.

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