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Our Community

Nottingham Contemporary is part of the local community; we are working to ensure everyone has opportunities to visit, explore and enjoy our activities. As a charity, we offer lots of free events, workshops and tours which inspire creativity, stimulate ideas and cultivate connections.

We believe that the process of being creative together is just as important as the art we make. Using art as our tool, we deliver a range of inclusive activities responding to the changing needs and wants of communities which support positive mental health and general wellbeing, providing social connections to help reduce social isolation and loneliness.

Collaborating with a range of partner organisations, we facilitate creative activities inside our gallery building aswell as public spaces around the city. We focus on working alongside communities who are underrepresented, and underserved* particularly within the neighbourhoods close to our gallery building and along the tram routes.

We can offer:

  • Supported group visits and tours

  • Self-led gallery activities which encourage engagement with our exhibitions

  • Bespoke community workshops with artists, both inside and outside our building

  • Creative activities at local events

  • Opportunities to collaborate on community projects

Our Partnerships and Projects

We actively work in collaboration with local partners across a range of long and short-term projects.

Our award winning Loudspeaker programme supported women with multiple and complex needs within weekly creative workshops. We have led on numerous national projects and academic research including alongside people living with dementia; we examined the Race Relations Acts to reflect on the past, present and future of racial equality as part of the First Waves project led by Parliament; and led The Bigger Picture project with community researchers to investigate the obstacles to engagement in local cultural organisations. We have worked closely with Bulwell Creative Connectors enabling residents to commission public art in their local area; and we connect our neighbours Narrow Marsh Residents Group responding to city redevelopment plans. We’re proud to have hosted the annual Nottingham Refugee Week and we continue to work with organisations doing vital work with people forced to seek asylum and refuge.

Two people smiling, interacting with a range of creative materials on a tables.

Get in touch

If you would like to visit with a group call us on 0115 948 9787 or email

To find out more about our activities in general please email

If you do not identify as part of an underrepresented or underserved community and would still like to visit with a group, you will be warmly welcomed; we offer 2-hour artist experience workshops tailored to your groups needs and interests at £150 inclusive of all creative materials, as well as low cost tours. Find out more by contacting 0115 948 9750 or email your interest to

We’re always keen to explore new community partnerships so if you’re part of a group or civic organisation with ideas for collaboration please let us know.

*(‘Underrepresented’ or ‘underserved’ communities may include those aged 65+, people who identify as African, Caribbean, South or South-East Asian, and/or people from diverse socio-economic [social and economic] backgrounds. Guidance from community groups, staff, Inc Arts UK, Shape Arts and Jerwood Arts amongst others has helped develop the language we use. Our language is constantly evolving, and we encourage feedback.)

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