Cancelled - Film: I Vitelloni

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Federico Fellini, 1953 (PG)

This season, our film programme, The Screen at Contemporary, presents 24 Frames: the films and influences of Martin Scorsese.

A classic of Italian Neo-Realism, I Vitelloni, “the guys”, follows a group of young men loitering around a small town in Italy. After watching this film, Scorsese said, “the humor of it, it was very much the type of street humor I grew up with” and inspired him to make Mean Streets. You can see the absurdity and nuanced portrayal of the human spirit that permeates Fellini’s works in Scorsese film until today. It is fitting we close the season on this beloved genius.

We will be screening Mean Streets on Wed 22 Apr, 6.30pm.

£5 per ticket, or any five tickets for £20