Cancelled - Film: Goodfellas

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Martin Scorsese, 1990 (18)

This season, our film programme, The Screen at Contemporary, presents 24 Frames: the films and influences of Martin Scorsese.

We follow the true-life story of Henry Hill through his ascent and descent in the world of the Mafia. The glamour and the filth of mid-century America is punctuated with a heady 1960s soundtrack. Goodfellas shows the world of wise guys, both enchanting and repulsive, in this dizzying portrait of loyalty and the American Dream.

Also exploring a fall from grace and evaporating identities, we will be screening an influence of Scorsese, A Streetcar Named Desire, on Wed 15 Apr, 6.30pm.

£5 per ticket, or any five tickets for £20