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Zoo, Live Jazz Fusion

Zoo, Live Jazz Fusion

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Zoo - Live Jazz Fusion

at Cafe.Bar.Contemporary

24 Jul 2010

Cafe Bar Live are delighted to announce that Zoo, BEST JAZZ ARTIST at 2007 New Music Awards will be playing this Saturday 24 July, 8.00pm at Cafe Bar Contemporary.

Featuring a distinctive mix of Jazz-infused songwriting with electronic and acoustic instruments, ZOO create a unique blend of warm, absorbing and emotive, beautifully intimate and atmospheric music, with rich harmonies and instrumentation.

Described as ‘Everything but the Girl meets Suzanne Vega,’ and compared to Miles Davis, St Germain, Al Di Meola, Jamiroquai, Pat Metheny, Radiohead, Lalo Schifrin, Isley Brothers and Massive Attack.

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"These guys are undoubtedly amazing musicians, and boast that enviable talent where every instrument they touch becomes a natural extension of the body. In the second half of the evening ZOO and guest, Barker, really began to cook. There was some stunning pieces that screamed seedy jazz club: swinging-hip grooves, rich harmonies and Barker's trumpet growling over the top. Now maybe I'm just partial to a bit of smut, but it was such moments of unified sleaze that rendered me that little bit hot under the collar."

Hannah Boylin for Left Lion