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Saffiyah Khan smiling at EDL protesters in Birmingham, April 2017

Saffiyah Khan smiling at EDL protesters in Birmingham, April 2017

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Women Against Racism

30 Sep 2017

Get ready for WAR (Women Against Racism)! 
Sojourner's Sisters and rebel women present an all female panel of speakers with Dr Amanda Arbouin, Claire Heuchan and Sahira Kauser from STAND UP TO RACISM.
In July 2015, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown wrote an article in the Independent with the headline: White people may deny It, but racism is back in Britain. However, many social commentators would argue that racism in Britain has always been with us. According to the British Social Attitudes Survey, nearly a third of people in Britain admitted to being racist on some level and researchers believe that little headway is being made to tackle racism. Hate crime figures rose sharply after the UK referendum according to police figures with Notts police reporting a 75% increase in race hate crime.
This conference cannot cover all we need to talk about but we will highlight some of the areas in which Black and people of colour are effected by racism. We have a number of experts in their fields speaking on the day and New rose Associates Ltd will organise further events to cover those areas not covered on the day, subject to funding.
This conference is organised by Sonia Long, Managing Director of New Rose Associates Ltd, a Nottingham based not for profit social enterprise specialising in cultural, community and social education and activism, (Sojourner's Sisters is one of my projects), in partnership with the Nottingham Contemporary.
Free, The Space
All genders welcome!

Speaker biographies:
Dr Amanda Arbouin is a Senior Lecturer in Education Studies at the Nottingham Institute of Education. She previously taught the Sociology of Education at the University of Warwick and the University of Derby, as well as spending a number of years teaching Information Technology in college and industry. In addition to this, she has undertaken Project Management, Research and Consultancy for organisations including Jamaica National Children’s Home and University of Nottingham.
In January 2018 Dr Arbouin will publish her book ‘Untold Stories: Black graduate careers and education journeys’, which examines the educational journeys and career outcomes of a group of British graduates of African Caribbean parentage. Her research interests include:
Sociology of Education encompassing the structuring effects of ‘race’/ ethnicity, social class and gender
Social justice and the conditions that facilitate educational ‘success’ and inclusion
Dr Arbouin is pursuing opportunities for collaborative international research with a particular focus on black and minoritized students in the UK, the Caribbean and the USA. She is also the Membership Secretary of the Black Studies Association, which aims to build a multidisciplinary Black Studies Curriculum that draws upon scholarly works for use across compulsory and post compulsory education in the UK.
Claire Heuchan is a Black radical feminist from Scotland, is the award winning blogger Sister Outrider. In addition to winning the Best Blog category for the 2016 Write to End Violence Against Women Awards and being shortlisted for the Emma Humphreys Memorial Prize, Sister Outrider is accessed around the world and has been translated into French, Spanish, Portuguese, and German. Her writing explores themes of race in the feminist movement, ongoing tensions between sex and gender, and intersectional feminism.
Claire is a PhD candidate at the University of Stirling, where she obtained her MLitt in Gender Studies and is presently researching Black women’s use of digital media in feminist activism. The central focus of her work as an activist is Black feminist theory, practice, and writing.
Sahira Kauser (from STAND UP TO RACISM) is a single mother of 2 boys. A humanitarian aid worker. She often goes out to Calais and Belgium to deliver aid to the refugees. She also collects food and clothes for refugees globally. Sahira havs spoken at events including sutr events and talked about islamaphobia and racism. She is currently organising a multi-cultural aid festival to raise money for charity that will take place on Sunday 25th June. The money raised will go to help displaced people around the world.
Sahira havs also worked with the police and Muslim Woman's Network in Nottingham to help organise workshop to create leaflets on how to tackle islamaphobia and hate crime. These leaflets have been distributed around Nottingham to raise awareness of the issue.



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